About Me

Hi! My name is Nastia Danilova. I'm an illustrator and storyboard artists. I live in Russia, Ramenskoe (40 km from Moscow). At the moment I'm working for Pic-o-matic Illustration Agency, draw book covers, comics and various commercial illustrations. I'm interested in comics journalism. But I'm more an artist rather then a writer.

I spent several years working as an art director in an animation studio, which produced some adult series. Blessed times of Flash! The best series we made, I think, was "Early-Knowly" add.

I worked as a character designer for the project "The Master and Margarita"(D3 Media). It's a pity, but the project was frozen dew to some financial difficulties. I use Clip Studio Paint and Illustrator mostly for my works. I prefer ink and colour pencils, when drawing on paper. Basics of 3D (3DMAX, Blender).

Previous version of the site before 2015 and the HDD fall.

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