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 Hi again!


My name is Nastya Danilova. I'm an illustrator and storyboard artists.  I live in Russia, Ramenskoe (40 km from Moscow).


At the moment I'm working for Pic-o-matic Illustration Agency, draw book covers and various commercial illustrations. I'm also trying to draw few storeys. Though comics is just a hobby.  Never thought of it as a main job, but who knows, how everything can change.


I spent several years working as art director in an animation studio, which produced some adult series. I directed some series of the project "Igogo", draw for "Crizis-Shmizis" and "Anti-PR" projects. We worked in Flash and Adobe Flash. The best series we made, I think, was "Early-Knowly" add. I worked as a character designer there.


Also I worked as a character designer for the project "The Master and Margarita"(D3 Media). It's a pity, but the project is frozen dew to some financial difficulties.


Now, I try to make my own animated music video for my friends. You can see the materials in the Animation Stuff.


I use Photoshop and Illustrator mostly for my works. I prefer ink and colour prncils, when drawing on paper. I'm studding Zbrush. I know the basis of video montage (Premier, After Effects, Flash).



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