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Here are some strips about everyday life, commercial works, concepts and big projects. I didn't make special pages for every project. Here is just a resume. I write where you can find more information about them.

The Tale for Varya

48 pg., A5,

common life, reality, story

This is a story about finding solutions .

How can one cell in the body help him in the fight against cancer? After all, it itself must  survive somehow. How can a sickness get sick? In the story there are more questions than answers. Because there is no universal answer . Because somebody is not ready to take responsibility but not only survive. Because to imagine how you can bring your skills on helping requires a lot of imagination, perseverance and boundless patience. Because open statements - is just a way to throw irritation or divert attention, and the use of them is not effective. People often know too little and understand less what is happening, and it is convenient to manipulate them. People without self respect can't respect their country or have any wish to make it better.

So, do what you know how to and  change what you can!

The whole story you can find here (6 mb, pdf, russian).


А4, 5 pg

criminal comedy


A short cartoon excerption for a contest Kommissia 2015, nomination 'Fantastic Kommissia with Oleg Divov' (russian author). I 've won the prise. Need to work harder on.



Nesquik Choco Pyramid

Some panels from an animated comics for 'Tema' animation Studio. Characters besides the rabbit by Slava Ushakov. Render is mine. The project wasn't released. More on Behance.

Tall Girl's Day

Educational work

Funny animals, psychology, lyrics

Educational work on the course 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' University of Colorado Boulder, prof. William Kuskin at The story of how not to stay a giraffe.



Sci-fi, future, b-love,

adventure, psychology, music

Alex buys a strange girl at the party auction. The security system of the house goes crazy, when she comes in. But the girl is a common girl, may be a little bit more hard-bitten and impudent then his previous girl-friends. Sal-he, Alex's partner, makes a deal with her, asking to guide his lover, who is depressed, instead of hurling her out. Could he imagine how this will turn?


I lack time a lot to make regular updates. And also I have plots for three stories and a couple of flash backs. I understand that I must start from something, but still don't know from what part. So, the work stands at the very beginning. But all updates will be here.

Charley and the three Gangsters

In need of a screenwriter

Comedy, retro, gangsters, music, cabaret, adventure

What if a young musician comes to Detroit to join a Dixieland where his brother plays but saves a trio of gangsters in the garage and becomes a member of their band? He meets a nice Chinese girl, but her cousin Tan Lean becomes his worst enemy. To win her love he arrange a daring  robbery of a bootlegger. But is everything so simple as it seems?

New circumstances, but old archetypes, with a great  appreciation of Alexander Dumas!

Here delicious!

Comedy, common life, adventure, love story, kitchen

The love story of an ex-agent who always dreamed to be a chef and the owner of a dying inn, who never dreamed about any help in today Moscow, with a recipe at the end of chapter.

The Vampire Rabbit Strips


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